Get notified of any/all changes/edits

Is there a way to subscribe to notifications for any change/edit to any page in a Coda doc? Thanks!

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We don’t have notifications for every edit to a doc. There are notifications for every comment.

You can use formulas to access when something was modified last using Modified() or who modified it last using ModifiedBy(), but they won’t tell you what was modified.

Somewhat similar to this - is there a way to display “Recent Activity” for a document in a view? Would be nice to have on a dashboard, to show any recent changes made to any part of the doc.

Oh I just got used to and built a collaboration Doc for a larger project until I learn that those features are missing :unamused:

  • Recent Page updates (which page, what was edited)
  • My recent page visits
  • Page author

How would you estimate the team, product & roadmap?

Is this anything that could come? Or perhaps better look somewhere else?

It seems such basic features to me


Just had a quick look and I do not think this works for Pages does it?

Show all (recently) modified pages in a Doc?

We don’t have a page formula yet that would allow for picking up if something was edited on that page. This is something that has come up as a feature request and something we think about, but it’s not a project at the current moment.


Thanks for your reply … well it seems like such a normal feature for collaboration, I hope you’ll be able to raise the priority of it eventually - how else should people know what other people did

Fingers crossed that it’ll be considered

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It would be amazing to be able to get a daily digest of changes to documents on a subscription basis.


Hey @Timothy_Nott! Just wanted to confirm that we’ve added your vote as a +1 for this feature request so you’ll be notified if this gets built :pray:


This is an extremely useful feature we used a lot on Confluence - painfully missing on Coda…

Agreed. However, the Codans would need to wrestle with the definition of “change”. Anyone care to define [exactly] what that means?

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The most basic definition for a [change] would be ANY edit, anywhere (page text, table) done by the same user on any given single element (a row in a table, changing table columns/formulas/formatting, editing a paragraph) and between the moment that user has done the first edit until the user goes inactive or another user makes a change.
Some actions should be considered a change only at specific times (for example: a form filled is only a change once submitted)

What I would be looking for is a function / feature similar to Confluence’s “Recently Updated Macro”.
By the way, having the ability to add something like labels to pages and be able to pull up the links to those pages (or objects) containing such labels as the result of a query function would also be extremely helpful!