Text Track Changes

Is there a way to view track changes on text in a coda doc? As in, individuals can go and change text on a page and we can see who changed it and approve the changes. This is a feature that is available in Microsoft word and Google Docs and I wondered if it can be replicated in Coda.

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Hi @Benjamin_Bachman,

You can see the version history of the document and use comments throughout the pages, as well as see all row changes from within the tables.

However, AFAIK, there is no revision management in Coda the way Word and Google Docs implement it (yet? @Codans?).

You’re correct @Federico_Stefanato. We don’t have this level of logging yet, but we’re researching it. There are a few other things in the works at the moment that would need to be done first. So it’s a possibility at some point, but not part of a project at the moment.


Got it! This feature would be huge for us as we actually use Coda for content creation. We interface with our clients in it and we are always wondering “who” made changes.

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