How to see a changelog

Our company is growing and we would like to be able to see a changelog of all the changes the users are doing in the documents (where someone has permission to see), as we use Coda as a wiki as well.


  • It helps everyone be aware of what others are doing and helps discover new stuff that is posted in coda
  • It helps the managers make sure no-one is breaking stuff or writing things in not the best way

Is there any place to see that centralized?

Hi @Adria,

Perhaps you know it: currently you do have it at a document level snapshot

I don’t know Coda’s plan for a centralised history at a workspace level.

Dear @Federico_Stefanato,

A shortcoming of the version history is that you can’t actually see what updates have been executed.
It’s only good to go back till a certain moment in time.

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True, @Jean_Pierre_Traets.
I realised that we are talking from a content perspective… :roll_eyes:

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There is activity log per table row, but that’s all there is.


yes, but this is only for table rows. We have very few tables. Also it’s impossible to see an overall picture of all document changes :weary: