View history per page

Currently the history page shows the history for an entire document which is very hard to navigate when attempting to find modifications to a specific page.


This, plus a diff view to see what had actually changed.


Make that a diff view that actually diffs.

I mostly bring it up because I saw an implementation on a competitor that just marked the entire text as diffed. And the task view activity log currently shows the change in the form of the column changed, along with it’s new value. This is less than ideal to see what got changed on per example a long text column.

Right now having the version history for the whole document makes it hard to find the version you are looking for. We have more than 10 users on a document with more than 15 pages. It would be really nice if we could see the version history for each page.


This could be so helpful. Right know my team and I have a lot of pages changing every day. When we want to know who wrote something we have to go through hundreds of entries of my colleagues to know who did that change and when. I really hope this change