Get query param value from page URL?

I’d love to have a page that renders a different set of values based on the value of a query parameter appended to the end of the URL. I tried writing a pack to do this, but window is not available in packs and globalThis doesn’t have a location property.

Is there a way to do this?

No, there’s no way to do this.

What is your use case though?

prepopulating control values on a given page is the goal.

Let’s say I have a select box that lets me choose one of five different models to render below. I’d love to embed that choice in the URL, rather than making the user load the page with the box blank and then choosing the one they want.

That’d let me share links to different views on the same page.

we did something similar recently

since coda cant see the query parameters at the end of a url, we made multiple documents and used those urls

the user gets the document selected by their choices

its a real pain in the ass because we have to maintain 7 different versions of the document for the 7 different cases

next step is to use cross doc tricks the overcome this

for now its just a quick MVP to test the waters

but i thought i would throw it out there in case it helps?


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