Capture redirected page URL into coda form

Hi, is there a way to capture the URL of the redirecting page (where the visitor clicked the link from) into a column in Coda Form ?

i do not know an automated way.

but you could use a parameter for one of the fields, and manually set that to a different value for each source location


hmm can you explain briefly how to do what you suggested?

if i may defer to the coda_guy himself, @Scott_Collier-Weir …

the video below explains about forms and setting parameters in them.
so you would have a parameter called, say, Source which you set to a different value to show where the form is invoked.


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Thanks. But so far I haven’t found what I am looking for.
Maybe I should watch the 201 video. Hopefully there’s an answer there. haha.

So I need to find a way to put links to the Form on any page within a website, and then when any link clicked and redirect to Form page, Coda can capture the URL of the page where the link was clicked from, and automatically fill a column/field in the Form.
So everything should be generated dynamically instead of creating different Forms each with their static identifier, and spread them across different pages of the website.

sorry, wrong video

so each webpage uses a slightly different URL to link to the form.
the URL will contain a hand-coded parameter value which pre-fills one of the form fields to the url of the webpage they came from.

Thanks for the video!
After reviewing the procedure, apparently what Scott did was to prefill the column in the Form with dynamically generated string from another column/table in coda that he constructed. And he did that using Format formula. In other words, he was generating URL params to be used in another table in Coda.

But to do what I was expecting to do, that is to capture the URL params from browser (external data), seems to be not possible (at least with my current limited understanding). Because we have to first generate the URL params using the website script (let’s say I’m using wordpress) first, and let’s say there’s a plugin for it, and we’ve successfully generate the link with URL params ready to be passed, but then there’s no formula for Coda to be able to capture the information that’s passed from browser…
The only formula that do similar job is the ParseJSON. But then it means that the data passed should be in JSON format… which usually worked at API level.

Hmm am I assuming things right?

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