Capture website URL via browser add-on or bookmarklet

I have created a table to capture web pages. I have a URL column and another column with the formula =Embed(thisRow.URL). This works fine. I have added columns for additional metadata.
Now I am looking for a bookmarklet or any other automation in my web browser that allows:

  1. Create a new row in my database (docUID, database UID)
  2. Add the webpage URL to the URL column of my table.

This is not a web content capture, but would help me a lot to come close.

Any idea, or are you working on a web capture tool?


Hey @JHConsulting there is a quick and easy (free) solution to this! Check out Push by Zapier it will give you a browser extension that you can ‘push’ and it will allow you to enter some info and then it can trigger an automation (they refer as a ‘zap’).

Have the zap take the data from ‘Push’ (url, page title, etc) and create an action step in Coda to add a row. Map your data (url, page title, etc) to the columns in Coda and voila! Happy coding! Enjoy :pray:


Thank you. I will tried it out and let you know.

Hey! I am using different tools to capture information and ideas around the web (pocket, muse, pinterest etc.) for some time, but in the end I would really like to be able to simply send the information to Coda since it is my main organzation and management tool.

I have come up with the following scenarios:

  • saving articles and news to a reading list table
  • saving useful information to personal or professional wiki
  • collecting information about a project - could be 1) personal, for example I am collecting kitchen ideas and would like to just browse the web for ideas and then review them all in one place; or 2) professional - making research for client or something else;

If there is to be such an add-on it would be great if it has the following features:

  • option to choose the coda doc
  • option to choose a table
  • option to choose a column
  • make new row or edit old one - I believe this would be tricky for big tables
  • quick edit columns - for example assign label or status;
  • collecting meta data information - for example date of the entry;

Even half of these features would be good enough for me.

I really love Coda and use it practically everyday. It’s the best project management tool for me. The one thing that I still struggle with is to capture the information on the spot fast. For now I use Drafts for this purpose and make a weekly review when I transfer some of the information to Coda. I know that it is almost impossible for one tool to do it all - extremely fast capturing of info, management of complex data, visualizations etc, but truth be told, Coda is as close to this as it gets in my opinion.

Hope this would be helpful for future updates. Thanks again to the amazing Coda team!


I agree. Good use case and feature list.