Coda Web Clipper Workaround

What this workaround will do? It will create a Push Zap button into your browser where you can click and it will automatically push the URL and page title where you are to a Coda table as a row.

I am very excited with the last updates from Coda and I want to switch from Notion. But a very particular and simple feature is missing here: web clipper.

I saw the community expressing many use cases and I can’t agree more. We need this.

So I build a simple, quick and very easy solution to help you guys and I credit @Johg_Ananda for the suggestion.

This solution will need a Zapier extension and a free Zapier account (if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?).

This was only tested on Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) and works with Google Chrome too. I suggest to you to look and see if the Zapier extension is available to your prefered browser and if does, you have to see if it has the Push by Zapier tab:


Ok, let’s work on it.

  1. In Coda, create a table with “Title” and “URL” column. We gonna use it later.

  2. In Zapier, after creating your account, create a Zap and name it as you wish.

  3. In the “1. When this happens…” section, search for “Push by Zapier” and select it:

  4. In the new “Choose Trigger Event” tab, select “New Push” and click “Continue”.

  5. Now, you will have to install the Zapier extension, if you don’t have it yet. Click on the “install extension” hyperlink on the message. If you already installed it, just click “Continue”.

  6. Now, click on the “Test Trigger”. It will say it didn’t find a Push. Don’t worry.

  7. Click on your Zapier extension, and in the Push by Zapier tab, click on the “TESTING” option.

  8. Test Trigger again (now it will find the Data) then click “Continue”.

  9. In the new section, search by Coda on the search field and click on it.

  10. In the “Choose an Event” select “Create Row”.

  11. Add your Coda account and “Continue”.

  12. In “Document”, choose the document where you created the “Inbox” table.

  13. In “Table”, select your “Inbox” table.

  14. For “Title” column select “Title” data and for the “URL” column select the URL data. Then “Continue”.

  15. Test it, turn it on and you are all set!

Now, every time you want to get a web page to Coda, just click on the Zapier extension, and select the push you named for your Coda webclipper.