Web Clipper like Notion's?


I was curious about how to go about making a web clipper like the notion plugin extension. Like for that plugging you only had to click on a button and it saves directly to the DB to you want it to end up in. But how would I go about doing that without using zapier?

I’m assuming the notion web clipper doesn’t use zapier.

Dear @Shiraaz_Peerkhan,

Coda has an extension to clip web content too.

You might want to give a shot


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! You are a CHAMPION! Thank you!!


This is a tangent and probably a little much but would you know how to add the content of the bookmark to a canvas?

Notion’s web clipper also pulls the content into its block/link/workspace? It makes it a lot easier to go through and annotate and extract the things that are important.

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Dear @Shiraaz_Peerkhan,

The content goes always to a predefined table. I am not able to test, but assume that when the table is located in a canvas column you should be able to get it moved to this location.

To be honest, I am not actively using this extension.

Others might be able to share their experiences too.

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It is true that Coda’s extension lacks precision if we compare it to Save to Notion for example which is for me the top and it would be really great if Coda would improve its extension so that we could also add descriptions or anything else in the columns we would have defined.

I really hope they will add similar or better features ^^. Alas, for the moment no alternative solution to solve your problem, at least on my side, I have not found anything to fill this gap.



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