Web Clipper Ideas


Ever thought of making a web clipper? Notion just released a decent implementation.

I’ll give an example of a use case. A lot of the time I create tables of products to purchase. Most of them from Amazon. It would be great to be able to have a Chrome extension that takes some of the details of the current page and pops it into a table or a section of your choosing.

As a bonus, it would be an awesome integration to auto-populate the price of said amazon item. Pie in the sky I know, but would save so much time.




I badly need it as well :slight_smile:
I have a lot of use cases:

  • Books to read
  • Movies/video to watch
  • Articles to read
  • Events to go
  • Quotes
  • etc…

and this is not only for personal purposes but also for business/team:

  • Vendor (web site) to evaluate
  • Product to buy
  • Web Reference to deepen
  • Locations/Contacts to add…

Coda should be able to capture rich content from the web (and mobile) and put it in tables (or sections). In order to do it, it should offer a way to format a column as a Canvas.

I realised how superior Coda is compared to Notion and the “Capture” piece of Coda is what I’m missing the most

and, BTW, not only a web clipper but a Mobile clipper too (iOS & Android)


Great ideas here!
I need this to share many articles/videos/talks/products to tables four research.