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Hi all,

I’m trying to build a doc which is an interactive implementation of a process. It’s going to be shared with quite a few people who will be using it at the same time and it will help guide them through that process.

Each step has a page of its own. However, some steps depend on what’s been done earlier on. For instance, a person might take the following routes:

a. Step 1 > Step 3 > Step 3b > Step 3c > Step 7
b. Step 1 > Step 2 > Step 4 > Step 7
c. Step 1 > Step 4 > Step 5 > Step 5a > Step 7

As you can see, steps branch off and you can get to the same step in multiple ways. However, certain routes might require you to do certain things later on.

So my question is- is there any way to capture parameters from a hyperlink leading to a page. For instance:


Simply put, is there a way to put a hyperlink on a page and pass some information on, which would then for instance be stored in a variable on the target page? This would be similar to a pre-populated link to a Google Form, but instead of filling in fields on a form, it would be be variables on a page

Keep in mind, in this scenario-

  • It’s not feasible to have a separate page for every single step for every single route. The process is very complex and that wouldn’t be a realistic solution
  • Multiple people would be using this at the same time


Hi @Christian_Yalamov,
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Short answer is: no, with that solution.

Have a look a this basic example:

My suggestion is to let you use coda capabilities so that you can decouple the underlying logic for the path criteria and the pages (with user instance) that the user can navigate.

It’s just a scheleton to have a glimpse: if you feel it can go in the right direction, let’s start from there.

Let me know if it helps.

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