GitHub Pack: Support for Discussions

It would be great to provide support for GitHub Discussions. This could look like:

  • A Discussions() formula to list GitHub Discussions in a given category and/or with specific labels.
  • A Discussion() formula to get info about a specific Discussion

Use case: We are using GitHub Discussions to allow upvoting of certain suggestions, but want to keep track of them in an internal Coda doc to do our own prioritization, community upvotes being one of the many variables that factor in to that. We currently have a column with the Discussion URL, it would be great to be able to pull in the number of upvotes in another column automatically.

Implementation: If the GitHub Pack already uses the GraphQL API, this would be a fairly trivial addition. If not, it may be more involved, since Discussions are only available via the GraphQL API, and GitHub has no intention of adding REST API access to this or any other new features.