Gmail CC Button Constantly Adding "cc:" prefix, breaking Gmail Send Mail Button

Minor bug that makes adding new CC’s to the Gmail send button a nuisance:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create any new doc
  2. Utilize the Gmail Pack
  3. Add a button and format it to send out a gmail
  4. Press the “Add More” button and select the Cc option
  5. Enter any string value
  6. Click off pop up so that it dismisses
  7. Right click back on the button to open the pop up back up
    7a. Note that there is a “cc:” prefix in front of the string you inputted (I’m assuming this is a necessary prefix to make it work)
  8. Click on the “CC” box and click off of it

Expected Result: No additional “cc:” prefix should be added since it was already added

Actual Result: “cc:” prefixes are continuously added every time you click off of the CC box and back in it, which breaks the button

Link to Video (Google Drive): 2021-06-18 16-17-28.mkv - Google Drive