Gmail Sync Subject Grouping

I currently have a gmail sycn to pull in emails the filter based on a specific subject:

When a response comes in, the subject is Re:.

Is there a way to create a formula that creates a text that will show the initial subject so that I can group them by the email, and than look at it by each thread;

This is the same email thread, but I want the ability to group it within the same.


Hi Erik,

One way to do it would be to create a new formula column, removing the starting 'Re: ’ from the subject line so that they can group together via the new formula column.

thisRow.Subject.RegexReplace("^Re: ","")

I hope this helps!

@Erik_Andersson1 Have you tried grouping by thread id?

That should give you the desired result.

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Awesome that worked first try !! Thank you

Chris the thread id works, but only if the subject is the same, which is not always the case.

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