Google drive pack can’t find doc in a shared/team drive

I’m trying out the google drive pack to get a preview of a google drive url. Most of our files are project/client based in a client shared drive. When I paste the link from a file in a shared drive, even though the permissions are set to “anyone with this link”, I get a “can’t locate this file” error from the coda pack. It also works with some links and not others, but all are from shared drives. Not sure why.


+1, any news on this. It’s seems to be a bug

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Yep… any news on this bug?


Its been a while since i posted this, and it doesn’t seem like shared/team drives are supported still. Quite the bummer for my workflow

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How is this still unattended, being something so easy to solve and a major block for many use cases when integrating with Gdrive.

Is there still people from Coda here? Really low level of activity here.

Hi all, the pack does not support Team Drives at this time. If this should this change, we’ll certainly update this thread. Thank you!

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