Support Google Team Drives


Anyone that’s ever used Google Drive knows that sharing documents within an organization can be a total nightmare, so Google introduced Google Team Drives to alleviate that problem.

Coda doesn’t currently support Team Drives, but it should! Migrating is laid out in this Google Developers doc and would be welcome even if it wasn’t totally feature complete.

For example, if Coda would allow us to create and store Coda docs in Team Drive, but then would disable the Coda sharing dialogue for these docs, THAT WOULD BE OK! We can still organize files and sharing within Team Drives so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.



I definitely agree. Team Drives support would be appreciated. This will become more and more important for me at least when our use of coda increases but we still want to have control of who “owns” the coda doc, even after someone leaves the company.

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Yeah, we’re using Coda heavily and the biggest barrier to full-out adoption is the lack of support of Team Drives specifically for the reason you’ve mentioned. Google Drive file management, and Coda file management as it stands, is not designed well for teams. Hopefully they can prioritize this for enterprise adoption!



Second this. The support for Team Drives is crucial for company-wide adoption at the moment.

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