Google Drive with SSO

Docs say if you enable SSO/SAML auth for Coda, then the Google Drive integration breaks ( I kind of understand what it’s saying regarding the token, but for companies that leverage an SSO platform (like Okta) as their IDP and also leverage that IDP for GSuite authentication, you’ll still get a Google auth token. That session state is still managed by Google after login. Is there anything on the Roadmap at all to accommodate GSuite and SSO users to allow use of the Google Drive integration? I know our company would appreciate it for sure. Thanks!

Hi Jarrod-

Good question!

Yes, if you have configured Google to be managed by your SSO, you can simply not enable SSO through Coda and continue to have everyone log in using Google auth. This approach continues to have Coda use the Google tokens so the Google Drive integration can continue to be used.

I’m curious though: Why are you looking to use the Google Drive integration? How are you making use of it now / why do you want it enabled?

-Jason (engineer)