Google Flights Pack

It would be great to integrate with Google Flights as I use Coda to plan vacations and it would be pretty slick to have my dates and destinations synch up with current pricing for flights. I mean, if possible, building in some of the analytics tools for finding deals would be unbelievable (ie: pricing grid for dates 3 days before and after your selected date with cheapest flight option recommended) but that is probably an over reach.


Hello Nathaniel,

I agree that would be great, but unfortunately there may be some issues as Google shut down their flights API last year (

I have been using a button to simplify the Google flight lookup process for me while I plan my organization’s travel budget:

=OpenWindow(Concatenate(“",thisRow.Airport,".",thisRow.[Start Date].Year(),”-",thisRow.[Start Date].Month().LeftPad(2,“0”),"-",thisRow.[Start Date].Day().LeftPad(2,“0”),"*",thisRow.Airport,"./m/02_286.",thisRow.[End Date].Year(),"-",thisRow.[End Date].Month().LeftPad(2,“0”),"-",thisRow.[End Date].Day().LeftPad(2,“0”),";c:USD;e:1;sd:1;t:f"))

thisRow.Airport is a lookup to common airports we use based on the event city
thisRow.[Start Date] is the travel day out
thisRow.[End Date] is the travel return day


Obviously, this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but maybe it can help a bit, thanks!

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