API from somewhere else to CODA

I’m trying to build a link between coda and a GDS (amadeus) using their API. Does something know how to do this? Could you please sent me your rates?

I don’t understand how API works so this is a big struggle for me.

Hello @Shiraaz_Peerkhan!
If you want to build it yourself, you have to know that coda makes integrations with other services via packs. If you want to make your own, you can start here

You’ll have to sign up for the beta. When you get your invitation, inside the pack editor you can get your resources to start here

You will also need to get familiar with the Amadeus API to know how to read and write info from and to the service.

I hope this is enough to get you started if you decide to go this route!

If not I hope you find someone soon!

For this I recommend changing the tag of your post to Requests and gigs.
And change the title to something more specific to your case. Like “Connect Amadeus to Coda”. This way it may make it easier to find someone



This is such a good answer! Thank you!! This helps loads!!!


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