Granular permission for pages

I need granular permission on a page level. Permission then will be inherited.

My question. Is this on the agenda, and will this feature be available within the 2021?

I would need this to use Coda for a client’s project. If Coda does not work on it, I can not use it for this project - though I love to work with Coda and will continue to do so.


In the same position as well. The lack of robust permissions has become a significant pain point.


Page level permission is something that would be really impactful addition for our company also. It will eliminate need for multiple docs and cross-docs in quite a few cases and in this way drastically reduce complexity of docs we use.

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Came here looking for this. If I build a wiki in a document, but certain parts of my wiki should only be accessible to certain people… I don’t know how I could do that without page level permissions?

I think that either they fix permissions or they fix cross doc, either one would give us what we’re looking for