Granular permission for pages

I need granular permission on a page level. Permission then will be inherited.

My question. Is this on the agenda, and will this feature be available within the 2021?

I would need this to use Coda for a client’s project. If Coda does not work on it, I can not use it for this project - though I love to work with Coda and will continue to do so.


In the same position as well. The lack of robust permissions has become a significant pain point.


Page level permission is something that would be really impactful addition for our company also. It will eliminate need for multiple docs and cross-docs in quite a few cases and in this way drastically reduce complexity of docs we use.


Came here looking for this. If I build a wiki in a document, but certain parts of my wiki should only be accessible to certain people… I don’t know how I could do that without page level permissions?

I think that either they fix permissions or they fix cross doc, either one would give us what we’re looking for


Yep, all of my needs right now are around more granular ability to hide, lock, unhide items based on usernames

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