H3 style - give us your feedback

Hi all,
We’ve had a number of requests around improved text formatting and are working on some updates. One of the first of these is a new H3 style we just added.

Would love your feedback on the details of this - how does the size & spacing of the headers feel in your docs? Anything you’d adjust?



I see it!


I love having the option of an H3! I think the styling of the header sizes is good. It’s distinctive enough to see immidiately where in the hierarchy it is.

One thing that could make it more flexible would be to allow it headers to be bolded. I realize they are already bold, but marking a header as bold now doesn’t make anything happen (unlike underlining or italicizing). Maybe bolding a header could make the font weight even heavier, equivalent to black.

Also, it’d be great if the headers weren’t hidden on larger viewports. See the screenshot from how it looks on the screen I’m working on… A lot of extra space to the right of the toolbar yet the header and justification buttons are hidden in dropdowns.

It’s not at pretty to have these visible I suppose, but for poor souls like me who are forced to swich between Windows and macOS everyday it’s easier to just click than to hurt my brain by trying to learn the keyboard shortcuts for these commands on two platforms… :confused:


I also had the need of bolding parts of headlines.

+1 on both of your points @William_Larsten

+1 on showing more options without drop-downs on larger screens :slight_smile:

Also, I think it would be nice to be able to use markdown syntax in the docs, but I’m not completely sure about it… It might the visuals a bit more cluttered, which is not nice.

Please could we have the possibility to have all tables fonts specified for printing? The standard font comes out very small when printed and it is difficult to read for an older person.

Will we have the ability to apply and save our own formatting (similar to Google Docs/Word)? I often like to apply other formatting options to make the headings more distinctive to remember which level I’m at (especially when you’re in the middle of a long document and don’t have another heading nearby for comparison).

For example, I often like to put a border underline for my H1 or H2 level. Or I might want to put H3 centered. Just size differences aren’t distinctive enough sometimes.

I think there can be better styling with non-latin letters. Right now it is like this: