Inpage Hierarchy / More Headers

Hello Coda Community,

as a fan of clarity and structure I loved that Coda realized the page hierarchy system.

And it would be great, if we could get more hierarchy in the page itself, because right now, there are still some boundaries that prevent recognizing informations as fast and clear as possible.
My suggestions:

  1. More Headers. 3 Headers are not enough (as 2 levels of folder/sections were not enough in the past). In real life experience you often have to structure context in more than 3 levels. I plead in favour for at least an H4 Header which is like bold text and an H5 Header which is visually the size of normal text. I often have situations where H3 is already used or to big for the situation and you would like to have text size or bold text size which still can be found in the outline and can be collapsed.

  2. Please let us indent headers just like text. Indentation is not only visually helpful for subpages in the navigation bar but also helpful for structure in the page itself. And you loose the hierarchy if all different headers are fixed to the beginning of a line :frowning:

  3. Is there an option to visualize in the page itself on which level of indentation you are right now?
    Something like there is on the programm “Roam”?

Or do you refuse this option because you want to realize this with the outline feature?

Kind regards