Is there a way to easily indent headers and its children, so it mirrors the hierarchical structure of the outline?

I like how the table of contents/outline finds all the h1, h2, and h3 elements and creates a nested tree off of that. But I cannot make the rest of my actual doc structure mirror that same structure.

If I am taking notes and there are subsections inside larger chapters/sections, I like how the headers and its structure looks on the outline/table of contents to the right. Section 2.1 and 2.2 should fit under the broader context of their context, chapter 2. However, I have no easy way to indent my headers and have each element underneath automatically align below its nested header parent.

I would really like to use headers this way if possible, but maybe this is not the correct use case for headers then, I’m not sure. If this isn’t possible, what are alternative ways I can do to structure a outline notes but also have an autogenerated table of contents that you can easily reference?


Same! Having them all left aligned is super confusing. I use color to distinguish them, but it’s not ideal.