H5P or HTML5 Import

I have a program that can output H5P (which I believe can be converted to HTML5).

How can I utilize that in Coda to keep all the functionality?

Hey @Craig_PaxsonTN can you elaborate some more on what you’re trying to do in Coda in this case?

I’m trying to embed H5P in my Coda doc.

You should be able to embed content using the steps that are listed here: Embedding content in your doc | Coda Help Center

If you’re seeing a particular issue with the content you’re trying to embed, can you clarify what errors you’re seeing?

Another idea if that’s not working — if the content can be converted into markdown, we also have a markdown importer, so that might be a workaround you could look into. More info on that can be found here! → Import Markdown files into Coda | Coda Help Center

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