How to convert HTML files and keep graphics?

The client wants to convert from Madcap Flare files which are HTML to Coda. How is the best way to convert and retain the images? The images are in image folders and not in the actual HTML files.

Write your own code/API with studio pack and attach it to Coda

Can you explain how to get started please?

It’s a bit complicated. Are you a developer? If not, best to hire one. (not me, i’m not available)

I would give to your dev a spec sheet of what the inputs are and what the outputs are to be

That’s fine. I will probably just do a copy/paste and re enter the images.

My manager says their developers who are pushing Coda do not have time to code the API!

Glad I am a contractor! :slight_smile:

Just surprised Coda will not import HTML files.

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