Help me figure out what am I missing with HeaderBearerToken configuration

I’ve been scratching my head for a good one hour now. Here’s my Auth configuration in the Coda pack.

But my table syncing fails due to missing token

If you dig into the request details, the request headers are empty

Up API test 2022-10-18 00-17-21

What am I missing? I had configured API token while connecting the pack

Up API test 2022-10-18 00-18-28

And it works perfectly fine in Postman, so there is nothing wrong with the token either(I also double checked to ensure there are no spaces in the token)

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I think the issue here is that the formula specifies connectionRequirement: coda.ConnectionRequirement.None, which tells Coda “this sync table doesn’t need authentication, don’t send any headers.” If you remove that line the sync table will prompt you to select an account and it should then send the header.


Thank you, that seems to have worked :tada: However the headers are not being passed in the parameter autocomplete fetch though.

Edit: never mind the sync table had same connection requirement


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