Hex value picker in coda

Is there any way to make a hex value picker in coda.

E.g somthing that looks like this:

(without the fonts?)

Any tips or hacks on this?

I don’t think so. As far as I know, you can’t even set the colour of a cell to a hex value, let alone connect that to the value of a cell.

I built this somewhat silly example, but I don’t think it gets you close enough to what you want:

You could expand it out to add HSL sliders as well, and google for the algorithm to convert that to the RGB that Hex is under the hood.


I had the feeling. I could try to connect it to integromat and get a hex color picker api.

Not sure the context of your doc, but could you have everyone using it install a color picker Chrome extension or something like that?

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@BODHI_SCHNEIDER @Nick_HE I built an HSL slider a WHILE ago when I was trying to learn Coda and understand the RGB to HSL conversion. I’d go about it very differently if I built it now. I hope it’s at least amusing if not super helpful.


Totally forgot about the shape tools! Nice :slight_smile: