RGB Slider and then some!

I built this RGB slider for fun. You can move the sliders to create new colors and save them to a table using the “Save This Color!” button. I did it for practice and it turned out to be way easier than I expect. I’m excited at the prospect of using sliders to modify hexadecimal colors to signify any number of things within a document.

[https://coda.io/d/RGB-Slider_dY0S4mP5fhz](http://RGB Slider)

I also imported a grid of X11 web color names I found on wikipedia. If the color you create with the sliders matches an X11 color, it will inherit the X11 color name. Hope you enjoy!


I tinkered some more. I found using sliders within tables was better for this project because I could stretch them to be longer and I could create buttons using “Modify Rows” actions that would affect the sliders. I’d like to develop this into a color theme/palette selector tool at some point. But for now, I’m happy with this:



Dear @Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt

Thanks sharing your exercise :pray:

Please find also the Coda template for your kind reference:

Jean Pierre


Oh awesome! Great to see the differences in approach. Thanks!

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Very cool, Phil! I love how you used buttons and select lists to save and navigate through color swatches.

This is really cool!