Hide views by particular uders

Hello, I’m making a To-Do List for my team and I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain rows from particular users. (eg. if there is a task I want to hide from my CEO, or a particular member, can I select particular users to show the task only to them?)


The simplest would be to create a separate view for your CEO.

But there are also examples in the community where the filter is set to the user-id of the person signed into the doc. But then they will only see the tasks assigned to them. Or you could create generic tasks that are not filtered out.


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Check out the “best practices” doc from here:

Generally speaking, you can hide things from users but this is not proper security. When you share a doc with someone, you share the all of it. Parts are hidden but they are still loaded along with what’s visible, so a person determined to hack into the data can do so relatively easily.

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