Highlight/Conditional Format overlapping shifts

Hello, i am tying to highlight/conditional format when a person has overlapping shifts scheduled as shown in the example table. Thanks!

I have a quick solution I whipped up but it is pretty convoluted :slight_smile: . I will see if I can get a better version created later but I am sure some folks in the community could get a more elegant solution going!
This does not take into account overlapping days ( e.g 10pm-2am)

That is a great start :slight_smile: You’re right though, pretty pretty convoluted. I wonder if it can be done for overlapping days ( e.g 10pm-2am) without adding an end date? Maybe if I add a column for total hours?

Thanks again for your help!

Here is my solution. You can hide unnecessary columns :slight_smile:



PERFECT! That is a huge help. Thanks again!

NIce @Denis_Peshekhonov - very clean and clear.
That is the way to go. I have deleted my reply cause it will just convolute and confuse :slight_smile: