How can I change the column formula inside view

I have column count effort on it based on formula,i would like to show the result per months so i created new page and add view from this table, how i can show the effort only for the page month.

so how can i change the column formula inside view with out update the formula of origin table?

You can’t have different formulas on the same column in different views.

Instead duplicate the column, and change the formula on the duplicate.

Then you can hide the new column in view A, and hide the old column in view B.

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Thanks for your Answer,

your suggestion is very good but in my case unfortunately will not work, cause I have other tables read this column in statistics.

thanks again.

Even if it’s hidden, other tables can still read the column

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Hi Mohammed,

Another option is to use Countif() and only count for the specific month. You can also use a select control as a variable.

And another option is to group on the month, and summarise the column using ount.

Or you could filter the column, and count the results.


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thanks, I will try CountIf and see if its work for me )

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