Q: How to show a different name for a column when displaying a table format?

When I create columns for a table, I am using a format for column names (i.e. first_name, last_name). When I change the table into a detail view, I can edit the layout and change the header to a more user friendly column title without changing my column name.

However, in the table view, I am unable to do it. The workaround I have is to create duplicate columns, so I can create those user friendly titles, and these columns have formulas referencing data from the original columns. So, when I create a view of the database, I can hide the “ugly” column names and show the display ones. Just seems redundant when it shouldn’t be…

Is there a solution out there I am missing?


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Hey @Theresa_Aguilar! What you’re describing isn’t doable with a table format, and you’ve already discovered the workaround I’d probably recommend. We’ve gone ahead and logged this as a feature request for you.

I’m curious to see if anyone has other ideas for you here!

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I used the same workaround as you @Theresa_Aguilar . Changing the name of column headers would also be incredibly helpful when you have to create different views of the same database in different languages.

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