Using brackets () when naming columns

Had a strange one while fiddling with my doc this afternoon.
I changed a column name to include an instruction to users - in brackets.
So the column name went from Workflow to Workflow (optional)
Anyway - cut to a few hours later and I was testing a bunch of formulas and the like, and noticed that two lookup formulas were no longer working. Perplexed, I assumed I had changed something in the formula… but try as I might, I could no longer get it working.
Then it hit me - I wonder if my use of brackets in the column name upset things.
And - once I had changed it back, sure enough - things started working again.

So my question is - is there any way of using brackets in a column name without it breaking formulas? I guess I just like the use of brackets to give a “hint” to a user.
Or is there another way to provide hints to users? I come from notion where that was quite easy, but I just haven’t come accross anything here yet that gives similar functionality.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Dear @Brendan_Woithe,

Use square brackets like this: [column name] , when you have a column name with spacing.

Oh the knowledge on these forums is awesome for new converts like me! Many thanks!

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