How to say Not thisRow if Column Name matches a Table name

I have the following formula in a button. This button worked until last week and it turns out that I am referencing a table called “Time Logs” here, and sometime last week I added a column to the table the button is in called “Time Logs”. So now, this formula is broken because it thinks I’m talking about the Column not the Table.

You can explicitly add the reference in your formula, but I usually pre-fix my tables with tabXXX, my views with vwXXX, my buttons with butXXX etc.

The little extra effort pays off in the end.

Yes, I just found out the hard way how matching table names and lookup columns can cause issues. A lot of my formulas (5 I’ve found so far) were broken because I named a column in one table the same as a table name. It auto assumed the incorrect column/table in a lot of them. Prefixing the various types of objects is definitely something I will do.

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