Columns named with hyphens don't show up in formulas


I have noticed that it is difficult to use formula that references columns which names contain hyphens.
See example below, where the column “Short 1A” fails to reference column “1-A”, but “Short 3A” have no problem referencing column “3A” (which has no hyphen).

Sometimes you can trigger the auto-fill to detect the column if you temporarily add “” after the TableName, but then remove the “” after it has triggered the connection:

left(TableName.1-A"" , 1)

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Well, the formula probably thinks by hyphen you mean minus operator.

Either type in thisRow and then select the field from the list, or type it in with square brackets, i.e. thisRow.[1-A]


Hi Paul,

Thank you, the square brackets tip worked great! :slight_smile:


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