Row's with a backslash "\" in the display name can't be referenced

In a table I have, the display name column is a column of 3 characters representing the short form for the row. These characters could be any character on the keyboard.

For one of the rows, I have a value of “TR\”. When I try to reference this row with the @TR\ it finds the row but the resulting function fails and so the reference isn’t made properly.

The failing formula looks like this:


Hey Thomas!
Can you share how you were able to add a row that ended in a backslash?
When we try this out on our end, we get an error snackbar “Name cannot end in backslash

Curious to know if you have a workaround to add a backslash as the last character of a column name. It’s possible the bug could be that you can add it but you’re unable to reference.

If you could provide some specific steps you took to get this result so we can reproduce it on our end, that would be great! Feel free to include a video or additional screenshots if that feels helpful, as well.

Not “column name”, but rather, it’s just the value in a cell of a table whose column is set as the “display column”.

So when I reference that row with the @ sign, I can find it, but when I select it to be referenced, I get a function error related to the row reference code I showed in the original post.

Does that clear things up?

Edit: Create a table with a column of type “Text”. Set it as the “Display Column”. Add a row with the first value in the cell as “TR\”. Now try to reference that row with the @TR\ reference.

Thanks @Thomas_Robbs1. We’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug. Our team will investigate further and we will update you once it has been resolved. Since turnaround time can vary I don’t have a specific ETA to share on that, so your patience is appreciated in the meantime!

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Hey Thomas! This bug has been marked as fixed :smiley:
Can you give a shot and let us know if that’s working for you now? Thanks!

Confirmed - thank you!

In testing this, I discovered that if you have the column enabled in the filter bar, you can’t search for a “contains” with the value of "". I was looking for the row that had this character so I could do the test and discovered this. If I use a single slash, it doesn’t seem to match anything, but doesn’t filter anything off either. If I assume Coda is reading this "" as an escape and add a second slash “\”, it doesn’t match anything and filters every row off so nothing is displayed.

Sorry to confirm a fix and report a new one, but thought I’d share that here as it seems like the same category of bug, just in a different place.

Thanks for following up!