Format Column Name/Header text

Bit of a nobbie question here but I really can’t figure it out.
How to I format the text in my column names?
I cannot get the text formatting to appear when I select the column name.

Hi @Ian_T :blush: !

As far as I know, names of fields can’t be formatted :blush: .

Values in a field, yes (to some extend, depending on the type of field, if there’s a formula, etc…) but not the field’s name/title/header.

Seems like an oversight.
I’ve actually seen come images on the coda help where the Column names were in bold! maybe theres some workaround.

They might have been bold at some point … But I really don’t think it was something we, users, were able to modify :blush: .

Some of the illustrating gifs/screenshots you’ll find in the Help Center are not necessarily up to date (i.e.: what’s shown doesn’t necessarily correspond with the actual design of Coda) :innocent:

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