Color format column and group titles

I want to be able to do something like this:

It doesn’t seem like this is possible in Coda – to make column / row headers a specific color?

Am I missing something?

Hey there!

No you are not missing anything

There are ways to get color tags into a f gf ripped column (using rectangle().clipCircle())

Or your groups can be colored, but only the lookup chip itself, if the grouped column is a lookup-type column.

But that’s about it. No coloring the columns titles. You just looking at it for aesthetic purposes?

Thanks for the reply! That’s surprising given it seems a VERY basic feature of excel/sheets (any cell can be formatted any way), and given Coda is trying to replace the need to use sheets, docs, drive, etc. It’s partially aesthetic but partially as a practical way to help people process information in the way it’s meant to be processed. When you want the column title to stand out because it’s important, that’s pretty hard to do if the only option is plain text. Another instance would be adding a list of sub-items under a top-item (column title) and color coding them; column title in a darker shade of the same color. Also being able to make row headers color coded i.e. groups.

I’m trying to build out career paths / competency matrices and not being able to format colors as needed is actually a big blocker, so it looks like I will be using Excel/sheets and linking back into Coda. Bummer as I was looking forward to being able to house all info in one table and display in multiple views.

I will note Confluence also has this feature (you can format table column titles to be a different color, size, boldness, etc).

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