How can I have a Timeline w/ multiple items on the same row?

Hi Coda community,

I’m dying to figure out a way to recreate this kind of roadmap in Coda, but I am not aware of a way. I got my hopes up that the new multiple-groups thing with the Card view released this week would solve it, but it does not.

If two items are in the same swim lane, but not overlapping dates, I need them to be on the same row. If I were to put this roadmap into Coda, it would blow up to be 17 rows and no longer possible to do the Tetris game that is roadmapping.

Hey Ross :wave:

At the moment we do not have the capabilities natively to tackle this exactly as they have shown in the screenshot, but is a need we as a product team are hyper aware of and hope to tackle soon.

The three best options we have today are:

  1. Embed this view directly into Coda using page embeds
  2. Use a gantt view (less vertical density)
  3. Use card view (lose time dependency)

For my own workflows I usually bounce between 1 & 2 depending on my goals (presenting vs. keeping team on track). Our embeds with Miro, Canva, FigJam are all quite good, so though I’d can’t wait to have this natively in Coda, this usually helps a lot!

Hope this helps!


Gif for more context on embeds:
Screen Capture on 2024-04-19 at 09-02-00

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Thanks for the response. I currently also do 1 and 2! Excited for this to come some day.

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