Timeline view: Multiple items per row

Bringing this old suggestion back from the dead.


I use timelines a lot (to manage 10s to 100s of tasks under multiple parallel projects). With many tasks, having 1 task per line becomes unusable to view and plan (as the view extends vertically down the page and it’s impossible to view that many items at once on the screen).

I would love an alternative timeline view (or option) that displays only the item bars and labels, more than 1 per line, each of which can be hovered or clicked to open in pop-up or side view. This allows multiple groups of sequential tasks (or streams) to be viewed in a compact and usable fashion. Other than Monday.com, I haven’t seen any online software do this, which makes me resort to excel with merge cells to do any project planning.


YES! Please! Desperately need this for planning our roadmap.
The higher-ups prefer to see it in timeline view but not if they have to scroll forever.
I don’t need to see the project title on the left and on the gantt bar, so having other projects jump up to the line above if there’s nothing above it would be great.

I could see it being called something like ‘collapsed timeline view’.

MS Project does something like this - you can choose which items to add to the timeline, and then you can move them around to display the information graphically in a way that makes sense. Would love to see that here as well.


Besides Monday.com, Koppla is another tool capable of that.

I’d love to see Coda implement sequential events per row as well since coda is more flexible and I prefer using it.
Sadly for me, the current implementation makes timeline views unusable since I also need to see more items in relation to each other without scrolling

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Yes I’m dying to see this as well in Coda. It’s the only timeline thing I have to keep outside Coda because it’s too cumbersome to have separate rows for something like this


What tool are you using there?

Figjam. It’s just moving little rectangles around. It doesn’t connect with anything else.


I was searching for way to achieve this in Coda and sad to see that it is not supporting.