How can I unubscribe from a Coda pack [Solved]

I subscribed to a Coda pack by one of our amazing creators (Microsoft Email by Scott). Unfortunately, my workplace IT admins don’t allow external apps for our emails and so I need to cancel the subscription.

However, I cannot find where to do that.
I have contacted the pack maker who directed me to support but still no help. I can’t find it in the packs gallery or in the billing section of my workspace settings. No articles on this either.

Does anyone know how to cancel this subscription?
I have already removed the pack from my doc.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Got the answer:

Hi Peter,

I hope your organisation sees the light soon!!

In the meantime:
1 . Click on the insert icon, top right of your doc.
2. Select Packs in the next block, then select the pack you want to unsubscribe.
3. Click on the three dots on the top right

Hope that helps

The support team sent me this link from another community conversation that has the answer.

Thanks. I was able to remove the pack from my doc like this.

To unsubscribe, turns out I needed to go to the packs tab in the workspace settings. @Paul_Danyliuk had answered it in this thread.

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