How do you create GIFs for Coda?


currently I am working on a new doc. As users often don’t know Coda, Onboarding is crucial.

In this forum and in Coda emails I often see GIFs (?), which is extremely helpful…

Now 2 questions:
1.) How do you create them?
2.) Can they be easily integrated in a Coda doc?

Thank you,


Hi @Thomas_Meissner

There are many options also depending on the platform you are working on.

I am at W10 and using:

A small local file and you can safe the *.gif at the location of your preference
Just with copy past you can add them in your doc



Thank you very much. I will try it :slight_smile:


Is there a way to speed up the GIFs a bit?

My file was 1.2 Mb large and too big for Coda…:sweat_smile:

Hi @Thomas_Meissner,

In the edit menu and image section, you can:

#) delete frames
#) shorten the *.gif
#) speed adjustments
#) adjust the size of the image

Like with every program, you need to play around and see what’s giving you the best result.

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