Large number of help pages have lost images

As a beginner, I often use reference information from the Unfortunately, most of the pages I have looked at do not display pictures, which makes the help difficult to understand. Please fix it!

ps: All missing pictures refer to an inaccessible address

Dear @Nurlan_A ,

I just double check and the pictures are actually *.gif, that in an animation explain the subject.
It could be that your browser settings block them.

Coda recommends using Chrome based browsers.

You might consider trying this out :thinking:

Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets,
Thanks for the guess, but I don’t think that’s the reason. The gifs hosting is unavailable.

gifs from another location are displayed (from

Dear @Nurlan_A,

I am sorry to understand that you didn’t succeed so far.
As you can see in this recording, the site is normal working:

I am not sure, what’s restricting you from accessing the website.
Did you try it on an other network / machine / browser?

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I opened the page in Chrome and saw all the gifs. Something was wrong with MS Edge Chromium, you were right. So I cleared the cookies, turned off the adblock, changed the tracking prevention to basic, after that the gifs are displayed.

@Jean_Pierre_Traets, thank you for your assistance.

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