How Coda handles image urls

Coda has different ways to handle images. ImageUrls and Image Uploads. Image uploads are straightforward. URLs I don’t have a good understanding of how they are handled - which is what I’d like to expand in this thread. Sometimes when you paste a URL in it shows the image. If you double click and edit it, sometimes when you press enter it shows the image, and sometimes is will change to the URL, which is now blue as a URL. Sometimes the images just stop working and show a red error. Sometimes if you double click the red error and click out it fixes it, others it changes to URL, sometimes it stays as an error. Here is me editing some ‘errored’ images and bringing them back. In another instance in this gif I cut and paste the image to ‘fix it’. Thoughts on how this is being handled?

Dear @Johg_Ananda,

Not sure if my experience is the same as yours.

I found that in my browser of choice, “Brave”, the settings where to protect privacy (blocked cookies, trackers, etc) the page performance was weird.

Now I “opened” for Coda the door and see a big improvement, also with pictures.

Second: it’s important to have installed the latest version of your browser

Otherwise, just send a mail to to see if the Codans can help you out