Pictures disappeard from the doc

Hi everyone,

I started to use Coda about a year ago. Back then I created a doc for my team with a lot of screenshots which I copied&pasted into the doc. Time went by, Coda introduced Pro accounts, my doc was out of limits but we didn’t really need it and I let it go into read-only mode.

The problem is that now we need this doc but some of the pictures are missing. There is a link behind the picture that points somewhere to


And if I follow this link I get Error 403 - Access denied.

My team have now a Pro account and the doc is editable again but it doesn’t help.
I tried to find the pictures on my Google Drive but wasn’t successful.
I wrote the tech support, but they say they can’t do anything.

But I’m pretty sure I just copy-pasted the pictures into the doc and I still hope they can be found because while some pictures are missing other survived and can be seen in the doc.

If anyone has any idea how to get the images back I’ll be very grateful for help.

Hi Ekaterina, welcome to the community!

Are you sure you copy-pasted the pictures — not the picture links?

Because this looks like the latter.

The pictures stored in Coda are served from the<DOC ID>/blobs/bl-<BLOB ID>/<some hash> url now, and a year ago they were too (just checked one of my old docs).

Try selecting the URL and opening it in incognito mode. Some people claim pictures from googleusercontent sometimes load for them that way.

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Yes, we found the problem: the pictures were copy-pasted together with text from a Google document. Later the access settings of that document were probably changed and then the pictures in Coda got broken.

Thanks you very much, Paul!