Why image can't preveiw ? Lost in Coda?

Why image can’t preveiw ? Lost in Coda ?

I’m really pretty sure ,I’m absolutely never delete those images. but after some day, the images were gone.

This is not happening in one or two pages, it’s happing in many pages,

I lost them forever.

Dear @Steve_Yang,

I am sorry to understand this, you might want to get in contact with support@coda.io or even better through Intercom at the “?” at the right bottom of your page.

You might want to check out if in the version history you can find back a doc with the pictures remaining

No more history.

Fine. I’m thinking other ways.

Did you perhaps reach the limit of your free subscription? Please check under the statistics option. I am not sure if reaching the limit would result in this type of behavior, but it is worth checking. If that is the case you might be able to recover your items by (temporarily or longer) go for a paid subscription - that would give you a more version history at the same time.

Thanks for suggestion.

I have 500$ credit , but I didn’t bind credit card . never use it.

I’m plan to review that videos to take notes and images again.