Has method to Convert Image URL to Image changed?

There have been a couple of really helpful threads about this, but it looks like solutions from @Scott_Collier-Weir and @Micah_Lucero that used to work don’t anymore (Convert Image URL to Image and Ingesting an expirable Image URL doesn’t work?

When I try out Micah’s sample table the button doesn’t work for me the way it looks like it has for others. Indeed, when I try the same “ModifyRows()” formula from that sample in my own doc, it doesn’t work. It results in a “failed to upload” error.

Can someone else please who has had this work in the past please try and let me know if something indeed has changed, or if I’m just missing something?

The method still works, looks like your specific site might have restrictions or Coda may being seeing the specific files an invalid.

Thanks for checking that for me, @Micah_Lucero! Arg - now I’m off to check what settings on my site could be restricting that. Thought it might just be the media files hosted in my Wordpress instance, but other files on other parts of my site aren’t processing either. Oh well.

Hey @Arden_Kirkland, your examples aren’t working because you’re using http, just change it to https :slight_smile:



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