How do you do it? General data structure of tags

What is your experience with tagging content, for example Wikipedia article table or Youtube video lists?

It seems to me that it might make sense to create a cross-doc tag list, but I still don’t understand if it is possible to build a kind of super table that shows everything tag specific. Whether such a table can be created later, and whether it really brings added value in practice also. :slight_smile:

How do you do it? Has anything in particular worked for you?

Greetings, Michael

I started using a repository table for articles and videos and called it MasterMind but then found that referencing this in other docs didn’t work like I wanted so I started adding one as a sub page under my department specific workspaces so that anything would be included. For example in the IT Portal I use for my Information Systems staff, I call it a Resource Table and put links, articles, videos and manuals for things in there so that its a one stop shop for them. Then since it is a subpage of the main Doc, I can refer to it easily in the table for other items such as instructions. The way I use it the most is say there is a how to video for the new phone systems we have. Under the asset list of equipment, I have an @ to the resource table that puts that into the table which denotes there is useful information in that table related to that item. Hope this helps.

Hi Terry,

thanks for sharing your experience. Just if I get right, you kept your MasterMind-table?

So you connect @ the whole Table with the item? Okay, in tables would a lookup column work. But in written text? Therefor I find the @ linked table a bit unsatisfactory. I don’t know if coda offers a smooth option for that? Also there a direct link with hover lookup feature would be quite helpful. The only possibility I see right now is to split the page into two columns. A large one for the text (the corresponding term color-coded) and a small column with a 1 row 1 column table in which the term then appears as a lookup.

I have to sleep about.

I did a quick work up of the concept here that I have used. I do not do one master table anymore. I do tables in each “project” that does the same thing.

In this example, the first column in the reference table is a lookup column which references the main table with the links and videos.

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