How to always show cover picture when changing page

Hello Guy !
I have an “escape-game” like coda doc for my baby gender reveal, where my users navigate step by step with buttons. But when they click on button, the cursor automatically lands in the first part of text, hiding
the cover image & the page title systematically, which is a pity because it is more beautiful to see the cover and of course the title of the page !

Is there a way to say to coda/the button to open the windows on the very top.

Please see the gif. I would be very glad if some of you guy has an idea !



How is your button set up? What is its formula?

Hi Scott !
Yes, let’s begin with that.

I used “Copy link to page” from the next step of the escape game (i.e. the next game)

And then create a button with “OpenWindow” to prevent opening a new tab in chrome/edge.

Other parameters : show alert > never, and that’s it…

Thanks :wink:

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