Hide/Unhide pages via button or automation

Hi together,

I wasn’t able to find anything about this and maybe someone has an idea how to accomplish this.

In a doc I want to enable/unhide certain pages after a given amount of time. Like after 1 week page A will be set from hidden to shown. After 2 weeks page B unhides etc, etc. I know I can do that manually via the menu but that’s the point: I’d like to set it up with an automation.

Is there any way to set up a button in coda to hide or unhide a specific page so that I can use it in an automation? I know how to setup the automation afterwards but I’m at a loss regarding the first part :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you in advance for all your help

Hey there @Sebastian_Pjede ! Welcome to the Coda Community!

The short answer to your question is no - there is no way to automatically hide and unhide pages. But as usual, there is a workaround, albeit not perfect.

Here’s essentially what you would need to do:

  1. Create pages the are actually auto-populated by cells via canvas based formulas. See here for an example of pages that are created via canvas formulas referencing cells, yet still feel somewhat like pages. When on the page, click on the white “open” button to view the page, not the card itself

  2. Next, you would need the information that is populating the pages to be controlled via a select (hidden somewhere else in the document)

You could then write an automation to change/manage that select which would then in turn change the information on the page, and “hide” the information that was previously on a page.

Its weird, and only really fits use cases where you are not having more complex pages (with buttons, reactions, tables, charts, etc)

But essentially the same principles should apply - if you can control the information on a page with a select you can automate what is shown on a page (which would hide/unhide information)

If you need further help feel free to send link to example doc! Happy to help out - just difficult without further context.


Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

I’m not entirely sure if my content will fit in that structure. As you said there are problems with buttons, tables, etc. but I really like the idea and I will definitely try this out. Thank you!

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Hello again @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

yep, got quite far with your idea and I am almost finished with it. Will mark it as solution :slight_smile:
Still, I have one final question concerning your example wiki: how did you remove the navigation bar? I want to do that too :smiley: thank you!

*sry, found it
When publishing I had to select the top nav bar. Then the nav bar on the left disappears. thanks :smiley: